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Helene Fischer Hot Photos And Wallpapers

Helene Fischer Party Girl

In the sympathetic and nice pop singer Helene Fischer apparently puts a real party girl. Exuberance and euphoria she dances in her new video for the single “Breathless through the night” in a celebrating crowd and singing from breaking every taboo.

This proves the popular singer as changeable and versatile it is. Because is “Breathless through the night” one of the more modern songs on her album “Play of colors”, which is lined with classic dancefloor beats. “Seen Symbolically it stands for the escape from the everyday life, for doing crazy things without thinking about tomorrow or the consequences, to have fun and to enjoy the moment,” it says in a description of the single.

Helene can swing the hips

However, although Helene sings of “kissing on the skin,” party noise and Tabulosigkeit, it ceases to present themselves too freely. In a skin-tight, red-glittery suit she’s still an excellent figure. Because one can Helene Fischer least as well as sing – namely sexy, swinging her hips.

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